Who We Are

We focuses on creating  the outdoor IR touch product  for our customers.
We will:

First, provide convenient, reliable, and proven products for better performance in the new outdoor environments.

Second, pursue perfection so that customers do not fee that they are lacking through our products.

As a specialized outdoor touch solution company, we will continue to solve your problems based on our best technologies and accumulated experiences and answer your questions in prompt and flexible services.

Members of ITGO will pursue new fields vigorously based on diverse experiences and be excited to learn that out works are autonomous and challenging.

Leadership Team

Our leadership team is made up of outdoor touch products and technology-industry veterans with more than 100 years of collective experience.  Their passion and commitment to the success of our customers are evident in our culture and products.

jungoo Lee

Jungoo Lee

Chief Executive Officer

Degrees in Electrical & Optical Engineering.

Over 25 years of R&D as CTO in Outdoor mobile communication, CATV,  Network  Equipment and Outdoor Touch Panels.  The recipient of High tech leader and  a major contributor to being awarded the R&D Engineer award by government.  Experiences on delivering the accumulated total amount of  800 billion dollars to customers.

william Lee

William J. Lee

Executive Vice President

Degrees in Physics and Electrical Engineering at University of Arkansas.

Over 30 years of R&D and business development in semiconductor including LED, WLAN, Communication and Video area.  William was the first person who developed H.264 encoder based on software in 2006 and participated the development of Mobile WLAN (Wibro).  Founder of several startups and three patents.


Arthur Stepanyan


Vice President of Operations, Silicon Valley Innovation Center.
Degrees in Mechanical Engineering and Economics.

Over 30 years of hands-on business experience.  Founder/co-founder of several startups from 1987, Member of Lean Startup Circle, (Berkeley, CA), and Fractional Executive Chair/Organizer of Disruptive Tech Conferences Mentor and advisor to tech startups.

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