IRON-B is the outdoor IR touch overlay with tempered glass.



IRON-B is an assembly product composed of 3 parts(Overlay, Touch module, Touch glass). Any users who using this assembly can apply very easily waterproof function to their touch system.



- Aluminum chassis.
- The overlay makes all components become a rigid assembly by tightening the touch module and the touch glass.
- Most touch system operator can install system easily because that Overlay assembly support water protection in front of it.
Also, this Assembly provide convenient maintenance to use because of easily each removable structure.

Touch Modules

- Aluminum extrusion one-body frame structure fully operating for outdoor touch.
- Available in a extremely strong sunny environment with three optical filters (IR Filter, Anti-Solar Filter and Sun-Block Filter)
- Supports IP65 protection level(standard) or IP66 protection level (Optional).
- Not affected operation by any dusts or particles having a size of maximum 3mm on the touch glass.
- Multi-touch function
- Fast response time
: Most outdoor touch module have implemented reduction software algorithm of sunlight, and it makes the CPU needs more load.  As three filter combination reduce the interference of sunlight instead of software algorithm,  our product is able to minimize CPU load.
- Remote monitoring and downloading software.
- Plug and play
- Any OS Environment
- Wide operating range of temperature

Touch Glass

- Tempered 5mm thickness (Standard)

- AR Coating may can be provided optionally.

Specifications (IRON-B)

Touch Technic Infra Red
× H × D)
46” (1,101.7×656.3×20.9mm)
Touch Glass Mighty tempered Glass &  Anti-glare for preventing  reflection
Basically 5mm thickness
Visual Transmittance Over 80%
Number of Touch Points Typically  4~10 points
(with the conditions which outdoor reliability is guaranteed)
Sampling Rate Up to 200 fps
Minimum Touch Object < 5mm(single object standard)
Positioning Accuracy < ±2mm
Fault Tolerance Workable even 75% sensors are damaged(not continuously damaged)
Typical Response Time 5-12ms
Operating Systems Windosw, Linux, Android, and MAC

Outdoor Reliability

Waterproof IP65 / IP66
Touch Durability in Sunlight interference 5°(Minimum facing angle with sun) @ 150,000 Lux
Touch Durability against Obstacles Allowed Size : Max 3mm height
Temperature Operating Temperature : -20°C ~ +65°C
Storage Temperature : -40°C ~ +85°C
Humidity 10% ~ 90% RH


IRON controller
( IRON-B01C )
Managing and control  touch  overlay module
User connection : USB, AC Power(30W)
Cable (Accessories) Internal : Harness cable for connecting controller to touch module
External : AC  power & USB cable

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