the state-of-the-art touch screens, is designed for Digital Billboards, Digital Newsstands, Digital Bus Shelters, and Public Kiosks in outdoor environments


What are our state-of-the-art technologies applied to the outdoor environments?

To eliminate sunlight interference in outdoor environments, we have used the innovative optical filter technologies. These state of the art filter technologies will eliminate sunlight interferences and provide multi-touch operations in the outdoor environment.

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How to secure the required Signal to Noise ratio(S/N) in outdoor IR touch environments

To secure the required S/N ratio in the outdoor environment is one of the most important technologies. The stronger the sunlight interference, the worse the S/N ratio becomes. The failure rate of the Touch function will increase if the S/N ratio of the Touch module deteriorates.


Iron Starting the First Demonstration with the Worst Conditions in South Korea

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Registered two Patents and three additional Patent Pending including International Patent in U.S and Korea

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Considerations when Deploying Touch Systems in Outdoor Environments

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Responding Faster to Drive-thru Guests.

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Issues and things you have to overcome about touch screen in an outdoor environment.

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To date, there are two technologies related to touch screens in the outdoor environment. One is PCAP technology and the…

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