The Outdoor Touch Screen

What’s different?

Using the IR Touch Screens in an outdoor environment requires the specific technologies to reduce sunlight interference. A worthy touch screen should not be affected by weather factors such as snow, heavy rain, strong winds and humidity. Also, it should eliminate sunlight interference and protect against water or dust as it is more suitable for the outdoor environments and more convenient for the use with IR Touch screens.

What are our state of art technologies applied to the outdoor environments?

To eliminate sunlight interference in outdoor environments, we have used the innovative optical filter technologies. These state of the art filter technologies will eliminate sunlight interferences and provide multi-touch operations in the outdoor environment.

The three filters we used follow:

  1. Anti-Solar Filter is the polarized filter removing the direct sunlight, which is incoming to the IR sensor plane of the touch panel. This anti-solar filter provides an excellent uniformity.
  2. Sun-Block Filter removes any reflected and refracted light which is inside the touch module frame. It also helps to get over reflection and refraction phenomenon from the glass.
  3. Front IR Filter removes lower wavelength of sunlight and improves the transmissivity of IR LED’s wavelength

Overall, these technologies maximize the efficiency of the IR Touch Screens.

How to secure the required Signal to Noise ratio(S/N) in outdoor IR touch environments

To secure the required S/N ratio in the outdoor environment is one of the most important technologies.

The stronger the sunlight interference, the worse the S/N ratio becomes. The failure rate of the Touch function will increase if the S/N ratio of the Touch module deteriorates.

Thus, the technologies applied to IRON provide a stable touch function in the outdoor environment by ensuring S/N ratio.

Higher Protection level with creative design of frame


  • IRON is satisfied with IP65(standard) and IP66(option) protection level.
  • Aluminum extruded one-body frame structure of touch module makes it have price competitiveness and increase yield rate.
  • We ensure the simple the design of the IP65 frame which is including a protection rubber assembly is the best frame for outdoor touch module.


Operation free regardless any environment.

Regardless of the location of the Sun, Sunlight is the most powerful interference source.

Various directional interference of sunlight is the biggest obstacles to use in the outdoor environment.
Outdoor touch modules should be ready to protect in any directional and simultaneous interference environment.

How to verify the performance of outdoor IR touch?

 Conditions to be considered when testing.

Place the Touch Module to be tested where various interferences are caused by sunlight such as direct, reflected and refracted sunlight. Angles with the face of the Touch Module relative to the sunlight are gradually changed horizontally or vertically. To measure the exact sunlight interference, direct light from sunlight, reflection or refraction in the surrounding environment must be considered.

  At last, you can test the combined Glass and Touch Module together.

Procedure of the test (Touch Durability in Sunlight Interference)

Unfortunately, there is no standard to demonstrate and measure performance for outdoor touch products to date. However, we have established guidelines for the testing methods and verification procedures based on our existing know-how founded on common sense.

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