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Q : What is the most important thing to use the touchscreen in an outdoor environment?

To use the touchscreen in the outdoor environment, reducing interference from sunlight and preventing dust and water are very important.

Q : What is Multi-Filter System?

To protect the interference of sunlight, IRON uses three different filters like an anti-solar filter, an advanced IR filter, and a sunblock filter. The combination of these filters are a very effective and powerful combination for protecting sunlight interference.

Q : What is a big difference between IRON-B and IRON-BH?

IRON-B and IRON-BH are all the optimized solution for the outdoor environment. IRON-BH is the advanced model compared to IRON-B and uses heat glass for preventing glass from fogging or frost.

Additional heat controller can control the temperature of glass by sensing temperature.

Q : What kinds of glasses are used?

A tempered glass, a tempered Anti-glare glass, and heat glass can be used.



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