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To date, there are two technologies related to touch screens in the outdoor environment. 

One is PCAP technology and the other is IR technology.

These two technologies are being developed using their own technologies and are being applied to the market for the outdoor environment.

However, there are high barriers about the two technologies used in such an outdoor environment, the expansion of the markets, and consumers’ use.


Let’s look at the barriers caused by adopting the PCAP touch technology.

First of all, there is a low reliability in outdoor environments such as system operation under high temperatures, lightning, and rainwater.

Also, we should think about making the customers discomfort and inconvenient due to touching the glass having dust or foreign substance, the possibility of the failure of the system due to the use of the cooling system with a high-functional chassis, and the absence of applicable touch technologies for outdoor environments with various conditions to date.


On the other hand, the IR touch technology is also faced with many technical issues.

The things we should think about is how to make the IR-LED signals recognize the input signal, how to apply the large-sized touch screens more than 40” which are widely used in indoor environment to outdoor environment, how to solve lots of interferences from Sun and optimize the design of the water-proof structures.

Over the years, although these technologies have been researching and developing to enable large-sized touch screen for the outdoor environment by many companies, unfortunately, there are no products that adopt the IR touch technologies.


So, we should figure out how to eliminate lots of interferences by the Sun, to withstand high temperature, to optimize the touch functions according to the climate change such as rain or lightning, to provide reliability, and to provide various touch fuctions that can be used by human hands like wearing gloves or other stuff.


Therefore, the reliability of the systems that operate for a long time can be secured even though low-cost cooling systems are used. If the size of the touch screen is not limited, the related industry can be activated through cost reduction.