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In the previous article, we have discussed PCAP(Projected Capacitive) and IR(Infrared) technologies, which are widely used in touch screens. From users’ point of view, low cost of maintenance and support, easy uses and management would be considered innovative products.

In particular, due to technical barriers in IR technology, there are a few touch screens or related products based on IR technology on the market. Most of these products and solutions are not able to solve existing technical barriers even if they are using the PCAP method.


The three most important technologies for implementing products based on IR are as follows:

  1. Technologies that eliminate various interferences caused by the sun.
  2. Waterproof and dustproof technologies applied to the systems.
  3. Touch algorithms used in outdoor environments.


In relation to the technology designed to remove various interferences generated from the sun, ITGO holds patents related to its own technology. While some of the patents are in the process of pending, these technologies are different from related technologies. For systems that include touch screens, waterproof and dustproof technology must be well-applied as the given environment is in the outdoors. If these techniques are misapplied, consumers will have a lot of costly wastes and inconvenience when using the system.


The systems provided by ITGO have been applied to our own waterproof- and dustproof-technologies with IP65 and IP66.


Finally, there are various effects in the outdoor environment compared to the indoor environment. From intense sunlight to weather, shadows, and dust, there are many elements scattered around us that influence instant touch. It is also very important for us to secure the algorithm of the system so that it can be optimally applied in such various environments. Through a stable algorithm, the customers can use their systems without any inconvenience.


ITGO has solutions related to touch screens that can be applied to 40-inch to 70-inch large screens, rather than the conventional 30-inch touch screens based on differentiated technology. In particular, ITGO is strategically focusing on 46-inch and 55-inch screens for the outdoors and launching these touch screens in the market.


There are few systems using IR technologies applied larger than 40 inches in size; especially for commercial markets. This means that the IR technologies provided by ITGO may be the best technology for outdoor environments.


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