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Nowadays, it is not difficult to meet a touch screen ordering system at restaurants like McDonald and Subway. The emergency of such systems including various contents and technologies may be the beginning of the Fourth Industrial Revolution and it is up to us to respond to customers.

It is true that there are a lot of voices and worries about the employees who work in such restaurants regarding their job opportunities. However, in the cases of the restaurants adopting these systems, it is possible to reduce cost and time, and also provide more information related to what customers want. By using the pre-ordering or touch ordering system, there are many benefits that may be returned to the customers and the community.

Current touch screen ordering systems have technical barriers to applicability and convenience for customers. They also have difficulty in reliability and stability of systems in the outdoor environment.

For the time being, most of the touch screens based on IR technologies are currently being installed in the opposite direction of light or they are located deep inside the building to avoid the sun.

There are usually two types of touch screen technologies: PCAP technology and IR (infrared) technology. Most smartphones and tablets use PCAP technologies whereas ATMs, Kiosks and infotmation displaies use IR technologies. Irons are currently using the IR technologies. The reasons why we are using these technologies are due to customers’ issues with the screens. Currently, customers would have to take their gloves off on a cold or snowy day.

In IR technology, the optical LED is arranged on the horizontal and vertical XY-axes to detect the position where the light is interrupted by making contact with each other. This is the reason why IR was not easy to use in outdoor environments. These types of technical weak points from the sun blocks the LED’s signals. This correlates to the most difficult issue: detecting positions according to the sun.

Another problem regarding IR technology is the system’s with the touch screens are still vulnerable to water and dust. Waterproof and dustproof technologies applied to the systems currently in use, especially for large-sized touch screens, are still susceptible. In other words, it must have perfect waterproof and dustproof techonolgies from the environment for perfect operations to occur between LEDs and the infrared touch modules with sensors.

ITGO systems are related to IP65 and IP66. IRON has recently acquired certification for IP65 and IP66.

Most current systems using PCAP require touching the glass surface first, not to mention its high unit cost. If the system is not working, you must replace the touch glass or all the front parts of the system. As a result, the time involved in the replacement should increase and the cost may also increase.

The systems provided by ITGO have many advantages such as the the cost of maintenance and time for replacing parts because it only replacess a sensor module. Also, ITGO can provide a variety of sizes from 40-inch to 70-inch touch screens for outdoor environments. Specifically, 46-inch and 55-inch touch screens are the most well-used with our cutting edge technologies.

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