Three Things that System Engineers Should Consider for Cost Reduction …

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Recently we introduced three articles (found below*). New systems have begun to be introduced to provide various services to customers in an outdoor environment.

For example, Subway and McDonald’s have recently installed a new ordering system in their stores. The reason for installing these systems in the outdoor environment is that a new paradigm called the Fourth Industrial Revolution has begun. The services provided by combining various technologies are also aimed at branding. This provides amazing experiences to the customers by engages customers and raises the value of the company. Also, the introduction of these systems is mainly aimed at the revenues by advertisement, cost reduction and efficiency, differentiation from competition, and good communication.

However, in order to achieve the above-mentioned good objectives, we must consider the introduction of a suitable system for the outdoor environment and the conditions and criteria when installing these systems.

Systems that should be used in an outdoor environment should use systems that are at least more than 40 inches in size, such as those used in an indoor environment. The reason is that a system with a large-sized touch screen is much more effective for communicating with customers, providing information and participation.

From the technical and economic point of view, the introduction of the touch screens using the IR technology is far more important compared to PCAP technology. Although IR technology has technical barriers, it is a very effective technology in terms of maintenance and suppot. At the same time, you should consider the conditions and criteria that we can solve effectively in unexpected environments so that we may encounter while installing these systems.

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