MRI intros glass touch panel for large displays

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작성일 20-10-16 14:06



Manufacturing Resources International has launched its All-Glass Touch Panel product for large format outdoor displays. This technology comes with a 10-millisecond response time and new projected capacitive touch technology, according to a press release.

Most pcap panels are built with layers of micro-mesh and clear plastic film, but MRI’s panel is built with a multi-layer laminated stack of glass panels. The panel is built to withstand snow, sunlight and other weather conditions. The lamination also protects the display from glass shards if the cover glass is ever broken by a vandal.

“The visual difference between this and other “pcap” screens is astounding. There are absolutely no visible touch screen artifacts regardless of the color or intensity of the displayed image or the intensity of the ambient illumination,”

Bill Dunn, president and CEO of MRI, said in the release. “Colors are so much more vibrant and saturated. Black image features are truly black in direct sun or total darkness. The image contrast is amazing. There is no birefringence when viewed with or without polarized sunglasses, and the screens feel very responsive to touch interaction.”


by Digital Signage Today