Untact Technique

What is untact technology?

Untact (Un + Contact) is a new word that combines ‘Contact’ meaning ‘contact’ and ‘Un’ the opposite prefix, It refers to the non-face-to-face technology.

The future of Untact technique

There is a dominant view that untact technology and services will become the center of the'New Normal' to prepare for the post-corona, rather than passing as a fad.
In addition, the entry of the older generation into the digital environment, which was not familiar with online, will lead to the rapid development of non-face-to-face technology, and accordingly, the lifestyle and social structure of consumers will also change rapidly.

A more personalized O2O (Online to Offline) service for customers, for example, a customized subscription economy that delivers clothing or shoes that suits consumers' tastes or styles to the house every morning will be activated.

Contactless Touch(SafeTouch)
Contactless Touch is.

Most touch screens recognize touch input by touching the touch glass surface with your finger or a touch pen. However, non-contact touch technology can recognize touch input without touching surface of touch glass with a finger or a touch pen.

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Need of contactless touch

There is a risk that the screen is contaminated by various contaminants generated when various users touch the touch screen for touch input, and the users themselves can be infected or transmitted by the fingers of people who use the contaminated touch screen. And this, it is well known through examples of the pollution level of smartphones (smart phones are much more dirty than toilets), and they are rapidly emerging as a social issue.

Most of the touch screen devices currently in operation are mainly used indoors, but in order to reinforce the UN-TACT service, they must be installed outdoors instead of indoors, so the stable operation of the outdoor touch screen is required. This is the reason why the user's accessibility can be secured only by installing the touch screen device outdoors, and it is possible to prevent entering indoors where the risk of infection is relatively high. However, the outdoor environment is much more easily contaminated than the indoor environment and there is the potential for contamination by fine dust composed of various environmental pollutants including heavy metals.

Therefore, in order to prevent users from being exposed to such contamination, the needs of contactless touch screen is emerging.


SafeTouch™ is ITGO's advanced non-contact touch technology. It provides a very stable and reliable touch function despite strong sunlight, raindrops, snow and dust interference.


A structure in which the thickness of the matrix line formed by the light emitting element and the receiving element can be set and a finger that crosses the critical surface can be recognized by touch

Effective critical surfaces increase the efficiency of touch recognition and reduce the error rate due to shake

Applying to unique tracking algorithm and software filter, it provides multi touch function(more 6 points) to input multiple touch points simultaneously in outdoor environment.

When a finger or a touch pen touches or passes through the touch effective critical surface, highlights are displayed on the display, and information about touch input is transmitted to the user by using sound and touch lines.

Improves touch accuracy with enhanced optical filter(Improved reflecting and scattering light filtering function)