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작성자 ITGO
작성일 20-10-16 14:15



Recently, there have been a lot of people wondering about our ITGO Leadership Team. So we want to introduce our team to you.

The ITGO Leadership Team is focused on R&D and mass products based on IT technologies.-

These details utilize optical science and engineering, device technologies, and streaming technologies. Optical science and engineering are based on optical communication technology. Device technologies are responsible for LED, semiconductor devices and theory, and filter technologies. Lastly, streaming technologies are based on the H.264 codec. All these technologies are related to touch screens and systems based on IR technologies in the outdoor environment.

One of the things we pride on is that our ITGO Leadership Team has many experiences in sample designing, mass production, and QC for commercial products. Our Leadership Team has accumulated more than 100 years of experiences and has made approximately 1 billion dollars in the past 10 years.

Overall, it is important that these techniques and know-how are in the mind of humans so that the human can use them more easily and efficiently.

If you want to discuss our technologies, please contact here: