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작성자 ITGO
작성일 20-10-16 14:15



In the outdoor market, systems employed the touch screen are growing more than 20% each year, and it is also a field where high demand is expected in the future. However, despite the expected growth and demand, there are currently few products based on technologies adapted to these environments.

Especially, when we are applying to the system with touchscreen-based on PCAP technology to outdoor environment, due to technical limits, we spend too much cost for maintenance as well as purchase cost and that will become a major obstacle.

Typical applications in the outdoor market are digital billboards, digital newsstands, digital bus shelters, or public kiosks. Recently McDonald’s and Subway started to install the ordering system.

To apply these touch screens to outdoor environments, we need more than 40 inches and the worst conditions, in which the systems with touch screens are installed.


Are there any touch screens to be applied to these environments?


We will demonstrate a large-sized touch screen adopted to IR technology for the outdoor digital signage market. Through this demonstration, various technologies that could not be implemented in PCAP will be introduced.

In addition, the external environment for the demonstration is important. The environment for this demonstration will perform under the worst cases with a strong sunlight, dusts, snow fall, and reflections by large buildings.

In particular, our IRON will show the Minimum Facing Angle (MFA) implemented close to zero degrees. The Minimum Facing Angle is defined as the IR sensors of the IR arrayed plane are directly heading towards the sun

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