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with moisture removal for outdoor environments.

The biggest difference between IRON-BH and IRON-B is that it adds heat control function to solve the problem of moisture generation inside the Touch Glass.

This makes it possible for the user to more conveniently manage the device compared to existing devices that must remove the moisture generated inside the glass.

The IRON-BH is also optimized for the outdoor environment, uses advanced filter technologies, supports high protection levels up to IP66, and provides smart maintenance through remote monitoring.

For convenient use, the IRON-BH controller, IRON-BH01C, provides a power distribution function that supplies various DC power from the independent AC input power to the Touch Module.

Technical Specification

Touch TechnicInfra Red
Dimensions(W × H × D)   46” (1101.7×656.3×20.9mm)
Touch GlassHeat Tempered Glass for preventing fogging or frost
& Anti-glare for preventing  reflection,  Basically 5mm thickness
Visual TransmittanceOver 75%
Number of Touch PointsTypically  4~10 points(with the conditions which outdoor reliability is guaranteed)
Sampling rateUp to 200 fps
Minimum Touch Object< 5mm(single object standard)
Positioning Accuracy< ±2mm
Fault ToleranceWorkable even 75% sensors are damaged(not continuously damaged)
Typical Response Time5-12ms
Operating SystemsWindosw, Linux, Android, MAC, etc

Outdoor Reliability

WaterproofIP65 / IP66
Touch Durability in Sunlight interference5°(Minimum facing angle with sun) @ 150,000 Lux
Touch Durability against ObstaclesAllowed Size : Max 3mm height
TemperatureOperating Temperature : -40°C ~ +65°C
Storage Temperature : -40°C ~ +85°C
Humidity10% ~ 90% RH


IRON controller( IRON-BH01C )Managing and control  touch overlay module
Power : USB,  AC Power(180W)
SensorTemperature sensor : -40°C ~ 120°C

Humidity sensor : 20% ~ 90%

Cable (Accessories)Internal : Harness cable for connecting controller to touch module  & Sensors
External : AC power & USB cable

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Brochure Download : IRON-BH046-20170519(V2.0)