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Products IRON SafeTouch(O)-55S2F
◾ 55 inch 2Bar Touch Sensor
◾ Front Open

IRON-SafeTouch(O)-55S2F is a unique, technology-leading ITGO Outdoor Interactive Digital Signage solution with SafeTouch™ technology, Anti-Solar™  technology and enhanced cooling system. This product is certified by Public Procurement Service of Korea.
Key Features
  • Display Contactless touch function

    IRON SafeTouch(O)-55S2F support Safetouch technology enables users to recognize touch Interface without physically contacting the glass. The non-contact glass interface can protect users from common touchscreen issues (germ infection, dirt), which require contact with the glass surface.

  • Easy Maintenance

    We designed IRON SafeTouch series with the basic concept of the convenience of maintenance, and the users can easily and quickly replace most units (controller, LCD, fan, cooler unit, touch sensor, etc.) at the operational sites and manage it by the central control unit. The system also can support remote alarm

  • 2-Bar Touch Sensor

    Touch frame are consist of 2 Touch sensor bars.

  • Enhanced dual Cooling

    IRON SafeTouch(O) has a dual cooling structure, and the heat exchanger cooer is applied inside the enclosure to increase the life of the cooling system. The cooling efficiency of the system is increased at a low cost by adding a front cooler separately. In particular, “Front Cooler” removes the inconvenience of users by blocking the heat transfer that high heat generated from a high-brightness (1,500 nit or more) panel display screen is transferred to a nearby touch user for touch use, which is a differentiated technology and protected by our patent.

  • Auto Time Set(Auto Operation Mode)

    The touch display installed outdoors must undergo severe weather changes (four seasons) and be installed and operated remotely from the management site. IRON-SafeTouch(O) supports the “auto operation mode” function to provide convenience for remote equipment operation and reduce the failure rate for daily power on/off.
    - Remote automatic setting of equipment operation time (power on/off)
    - Operates in 3 levels of automatic mode to reduce equipment failure rate (Awake Mode ▶ Operate Mode ▶ Sleep Mode ▶ Awake Mode)
    ▪ After checking the operation status for each operation mode, it automatically switches to the next operation mode.

  • Human detection

    When the user approaches, Touch function is enalbled.

  • Remote control

    Provide remote control and monitoring function

Display size 55 inch
Brightness 2500 nit Max.
Dimension (mm) 940(W)*1590(H)*360(D) @55inch Main Set
Weight 220kg
Operating Temp. -30℃ ~ +50℃
Ambient Humidity 10% ~ 90%
Thermal Cooling Control Dual Cooling Structure
∙ Display surface air-cooler (Front)
∙ Powerful air-exchange cooler(Rear 500W)
Direct Sunlight (heat) Acceptance Up to 1,200W/m2
@Display surface and SafeTouch Sensor
FAN Noise Typ. 30dBA, Max <43dBA @ front & side
Typ. 45dBA, Max <67dBA @ Rear
Input Power AC 100V ~ 240V @50/60Hz
External Connector Port AC Input 1 Port, Empty hall 1 Port
@Waterproof connector
Auto Time Set 3 step auto operation mode ( Awake / Operate / Sleep Mode )
Power Consumption Operate Mode : Typ. 350W / Max 600W Sleep mode : < 2W
Housing Structure
(Enclosure & Touch)
Seald enclosure(1.6mm thickness galvanized steel cover with powder coating)
Protection Grade IP65
Management Support NMS
(Network Management System)
Warranty 1 year( Extendible to 5 years)
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