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    What kind of glass is used?

    Basically, it uses 5mm thick tempered glass. The thickness of glass can be changed depend on use environment


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    What is contactless touch function?

    Non-contact touch means that you can use the touch function at a certain distance from the glass surface without touching the surface of the touch glass with your finger or touch pen.


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    What is an Anti Solar filter?

    Anti-solar filter is a filter with new technology that can remove more than 95% of solar interference.

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    What is the biggest difference between IRON ATS series and  IRON SafeTouch(O) series?

    IRON ATS series is a 4-Bar type product with sensors located on the left and right, and IRON SafeTouch (O) series is a 2-Bar type product with sensors located only on the left and right.


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    What is the difference between indoor and outdoor product?

    All indoor and outdoor products have solar filter technology and Safe Touch technology, but the software engine to minimize interference from sunlight, snow and rain and IP65 enclosure for protecting ingression of water/dust applied additionally.

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    What is necessary for  outdoor touch screen system to operate stably in an outdoor environment?

    In order to use a touch screen device in an outdoor environment, it must be able to stably provide a touch function even under the influence of sunlight and snow, rain and dust. Until now, most touch screen solutions are only operating in indoor environments as technical issues have not been resolved. ITGO's IRON products provide a complete outdoor touch screen solution by solving technical limitations that other competitors have not overcome.